About Us

Our Values 
We hold the following values in dealing with each other and our customers:

• Teamwork                               • Customer-centered
• Respect all people                   • Speak the truth
• Deliver what's promised            • Accountability

Groov-Pin Corporation - A Story In Lean Manufacturing and Workforce Culture Shift.  Watch our company video now.  

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Our Mission

Groov-Pin is a leading manufacturer of Grooved Pins, Threaded Inserts, and Precision Turned Components. Through responsive support and the superior properties of our engineered fasteners and components for connection and control, we improve the performance of manufacturers’ assemblies and operations. We have been serving the manufacturing industry for over 90 years. 

Lean Manufacturing 

Like many other companies, Groov-Pin was deeply affected by the recession in 2009. Determined to find a constructive approach, company leaders traveled to China to learn how they could remain competitive with similar Chinese manufacturers. 

Groov-Pin then embraced lean manufacturing to engage employees, reshape the business, and improve responsiveness to customer needs. After a year into the process, we began hosting tours of our facilities to demonstrate the improvements that could be made with lean manufacturing. 

In 2014, Groov-Pin was recognized for excellence as a mid-sized Manufacturer by the Providence Business Network for our lean efforts and service to the community. 

“Anyone in the manufacturing industry knows that if you can implement something that changes the culture of the business, it’s a home run. We are being recognized by our customers for that culture change. Overall, the spirit of the company has greatly improved,” said Scott Bunn, Operations Manager.  

Learn more about our ongoing lean transformation.

Quality Assurance 

Groov-Pin Corporation and its subsidiary, Precision Turned Components (PTC), operate from ISO 9001-2008 and AS9100:2009 certified facilities in Smithfield, RI and Newnan, GA. AS9100 supplements the ISO 9001 requirements with additional quality system requirements established by the Aerospace industry to satisfy DOD, NASA, and FAA requirements. 

Groov-Pin also has field application offices around the U.S. You can contact our customer service and sales teams for more information.

ISO 9001:2000 certified     AS Certification 9100:2009 AS 9104/1

History of Innovation 

Groov-Pin was founded in 1926 to develop the potential for a patented press-fit fastener called a Grooved Pin. Grooved Pins are made in our Georgia facility from wire of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and other materials on machines of our own design. Our company led in developing both commercial and military standards for Grooved Pins. We can produce custom designs in as little as 21 days. 

Groov-Pin developed the Tap-Lok® brand of Threaded Inserts in the 1950s. Tap-Lok®s are used to provide strong, permanent threads in soft metals and plastics. These solid bushing metal inserts install in one step, in drilled or cored holes, by tapping their way into a variety of base materials. Tap-Lok® Threaded Inserts were originally developed to reinforce aluminum die-castings, but are now used in magnesium, mild steels, and thermoset plastics. In soft base materials, our Threaded Inserts allow designers to take advantage of the full strength of high-tensile fasteners for lower cost and greater clamping pressure.

Groov-Pin Threaded Inserts are made from metal bars on screw machines in our Georgia facility. Groov-Pin also led in the development of a military standard for Tap-Lok®s. In the mid-'90s, Groov-Pin acquired the Speedserts® line of Threaded Inserts from Fairchild Fasteners (now Alcoa). Speedserts® complemented the existing lines of self-tapping Threaded Inserts. 

In the late '90s, Groov-Pin acquired Precision Turned Components (PTC), a leading manufacturer of components for microwave connectors and related high-precision parts. PTC is responsible for manufacturing high-end, quick-turn components that were used by NASA on a mission to Mars!

Groov-Pin parts are used in various industries from Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, and Telecommunications to Die Casting, Medical and Dental, and Irrigation. Our Grooved Pins, Threaded Inserts, and custom screw machine parts have been used in applications for companies like BMW and BOEING.


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