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Speedserts® Custom Threaded Inserts

Screw Machine Parts

Grooved Pins

What are the benefits of Groov-Pin parts for Aerospace applications?

• Superior Pull-Out Resistance • One-Step Installation
• High Vibration Resistance • No Thread Gaging Required
• Improve Assembly Strength
• 50% More Clamping Pressure

Where can you find our parts in an aircraft?

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Aerospace Support

Groov-Pin Speedserts®, Tap-Lok® Threaded Inserts, and solid Grooved Pins have been improving assembly strength in a range of avionics, interior, and service equipment applications for over 50 years. Our Tap-Lok® Threaded Inserts provide 2 times the clamping force than spring pins. Those, along with our Grooved Pins, provide superior pullout and vibration resistance.
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Military Specifications

 Grooved Pins  Speedserts® Tap-Lok®
MS35674 MS35672 MS35673 MS51836 MS35914
MS35674 MS35675 MS35676    
MS35677 MS35678 MS35679    
MS51605 MS51606      


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