Speedserts® Repair Kit

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  • Speedserts® Threaded Insert Repair Kit
  • Speedserts® Threaded Insert Repair Kit
  • Speedserts® Threaded Insert Repair Kit

Speedserts® Repair Kit

Quickly and easily repair stripped threads or damaged threads with a Speedserts® Repair Kit.

The kit includes:

• One-step installation instructions
• Hand Installation Tool
• Drill
• 10 regular, 10 medium, and 10 short Speedserts®

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What are Threaded Inserts?


Groov-Pin Threaded Inserts are cylindrical, metal bushings with features on the outside which lock them into a plastic
or metal base material to anchor your fasteners. Our Threaded Inserts provide high-quality, permanent, wear-resistant internal threads

and are designed to be installed in molded or drilled holes in one simple step. While each style performs in a range of

materials, they are generally classified by method of installation: Thread-Cutting, Thread-Forming, Push-In, or Ultrasound.

Why do I need a Threaded Insert?
Threaded Inserts are designed to improve the strength of assemblies by distributing forces from the fastener over a large

area in the base material, thus increasing the load-bearing capability. For metals such as aluminum, this means full
utilization of high-tensile-strength fasteners. In plastics, Threaded Inserts avoid wear and cold-flow problems
encountered with thread-forming screws. Threaded Inserts offer both engineering and cost economies.

Why choose Threaded Inserts over wire coil inserts?

Strong and Reliable

    • Tap-Lok®s provide 1.5x higher pullout resistance
    • Tap-Lok®s provide a pullout resistance 2x that of a tapped hole
    • Our threads are permanent and still meet specifications from the factory through numerous screw removal/insertions
    • Improve assembly strength                    
    • Increase load-bearing capabilities
    • High-quality, permanent, wear-resistant

Easy to Install
    • One step installation vs. 3 steps for wire coils               
    • Cut down labor costs
    • No special tools are required for installation
    • Threaded Inserts install first time, every time
    • No tangs to break off and remove

Broad Product Line
    • Threaded Inserts for different installation methods: Self-tapping, Ultrasonic, Press-in, Molded-in
    • Threaded Inserts for metals, hard and soft plastics, and wood
    • Threaded Inserts made of steel, stainless steel, and brass
    • Variety of finishes and protective coatings available

How do they work?

Since Threaded Inserts are generally classified by method of installation, each type of insert has its own unique function. Here is
a breakdown of how each type works:

TapLok Hole Series_Threaded Inserts_Self Tapping Inserts_Manufacturing-Groov-Pin

Tap-Lok® Hole Series

Circular cutting elements self-tap and lock into the base material.
Learn More

TapLok Coarse Series_Threaded Inserts_Self Tapping Inserts_Manufaturing_Groov-Pin

Tap-Lok® Coarse Series

Cutting slots are self-tapping and self-locking for quick, easy installation and excellent resistance to vibration.
Learn More

TapLok Slotted Series_Threaded Inserts_Self Tapping Threaded Inserts_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin

Tap-Lok® Slotted Series

Cutting slots are designed to quickly tap into the base material and lock the threaded insert in place.
Learn More

TapLok Wood Series_Threaded Inserts_Self Tapping Threaded Inserts_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin

Tap-Lok® Wood Series

Thread-cutting threaded inserts designed for use in hard and soft woods as well as wood composites.
Learn More
Speedserts_Threaded Inserts_Thread Forming Inserts_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin


Exterior lobes are designed to roll through the base material and lock the insert in place without leaving chips behind. The wave gently rolls through the base material pushing it back and then allowing it to return behind the wave crest to securely lock the insert in place.
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Barbsert_Press In Insert_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin


Barbs displace and capture plastic base material during installation to firmly lock the insert in place.
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View/Download the Threaded Insert Brochure

Threaded Inserts_Speedserts_Tap Lok_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin



Threaded Insert Advantages - Threaded Insert Benefits - TapLok - Speedserts - Groov-Pin


Threaded Insert Performance_Designing with Threaded Inserts_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin



Installation tools for Tap-lok® thread-cutting Threaded Inserts and Speedserts®
thread-forming Threaded Inserts feature hardened studs for twisting the threaded
insert into the base material and a release mechanism
for easy removal of the tool
once the insert is locked into the
base material.

For installation, the insert is twisted onto the tool stud and into contact with the
tool nose piece. The tool is then used to twist
the Threaded Insert into the base

To remove the tool from the insert, the insert must be released. Production tools
automatically release the insert when torque
on the tool is reversed. Hand tools must be released manually.


Hand Tool Installation
To Install:

1. Install hand tool in a holding device such as a drill press
     chuck or hand-tapping fixture to assure perpendicular
     alignment with work.
          Caution: Do not use power.  Chucking the hand tool
          on a drill press is for alignment purposes only.
2. Screw insert on stud until it contacts nut.
3. Install to correct depth in the drilled hole.
4. Hold stud against rotation and loosen the nut with a wrench.
5. Unscrew stud from the insert.

Field Installation:

Threaded Insert Installation_Threaded Insert Field Installation_How to Install Threaded Inserts_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin


Threaded Inserts_Hand Tool Installation_How to Install Threaded Inserts_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin

It is important that the installation tool is squarely aligned with
the work surface.

Field repairs can be made by using the hand tool in conjunction
with either a carpenter’s brace or a speed wrench.


Drill Press Installation - Production Tool
3 Easy Steps:


1. Bring end of nose piece tightly against surface of material.  Hold in position.
2. Lock spindle in position.
3. Set drill press stop. (Readjust stop after testing
     for exact insert depth.)  Release the spindle lock.

Threaded Inserts_Drill Press Installation_Threaded Insert Installation Diagram_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin

After set-up is complete, hold the insert so that the rotating tool
drive stud will thread into it. Hold the insert by the outer thread
until it is snug against the nose piece.

Maintain the speed of the installation stud to between 100 and
500 RPM.

  Watch it in Action!

Hand Tool Installation Demonstration:


Production Tool Installation Demonstration:
Threaded Insert Installation demonstrations of self-tapping
inserts using Flex Arm tapping unit Flexibly install in one step.


Installation Tools for Thread-Cutting and Thread-Forming Inserts

  Inch Sizes     Metric Sizes  
Internal Threads Production Tool Number Hand Tool Number Internal Threads Production Tool Number Hand Tool Number
2-56 PT0256 HT0256 M2 X 0.4 PTM0204 HTM0204
4-40 PT0440 HT0440 M3 X 0.5 PTM0305 HTM0305
6-32 PT0632 HT0632 M3.5 X 0.6 PTM0306 HTM0306
8-32 PT0832 HT0832 M4 X 0.7 PTM0407 HTM0407
10-24 PT1024 HT1024 M5 X 0.8 PTM0508 HTM0508
10-32 PT1032 HT1032 - - -
1/4-20 PT2520 HT2520 M6 X 1.0 PTM0610 HTM0610
1/4-28 PT2528 HT2528 - - -
5/16-18 PT3118 HT3118 M8 X 1.25 PTM0812 HTM0812
5/16-24 PT3124 HT3124 - - -
3/8-16 PT3716 HT3716

M10 X 1.5

PTM1015 HTM1015
3/8-24 PT3724 HT3724 - - -
7/16-14 PT4314 HT4314 - - -
7/16-20 PT4320 HT4320 - - -
1/2-13 PT5013 HT5013 M12 X 1.75 PTM1217 HTM1217
1/2-20 PT5020 HT5020 - - -
9/16-12 PT5612 HT5612 M14 X 2.0 PTM1420 HTM1420
9/16-18 PT5618 HT5618 - - -
5/8-11 PT6211 HT6211 M16 X 2.0 PTM1620 HTM1620
5/8-18 PT6218 HT6218 - - -
3/4-10 PT7510 HT7510 M18 X 2.0 PTM1820 HTM1820
3/4-16 PT7516 HT7516 - - -

Important Notes

1. High-volume users are advised to order replacement studs when placing     insert order.

2. Special tools are available for installing threaded inserts into deep recesses and close to obstructions.

For further information, contact Customer Service

To Order Production or Hand Tools:

Specify the tool number for the internal thread size of the thread-cutting or thread-forming insert desired.

To Order Replacement Parts:
Replacement studs and now pieces can be ordered for production tools.  Specify the production tool number with a suffix:

Stud = ST
Nose Piece = NP

Example: Replacement nose piece for production tool for 8-32 insert would be specified by PT0832-NP.


We have provided easy one click downloads for design engineering purposes.  To view all of our available CAD files, see our Knowledge Base.

Download the free e Drawings software from SolidWorks to view CAD files.

Free edrawings software from SolidWorks

Speedserts® CAD Files

Speedserts® .250 x 20 Speedserts® 10-32
Speedserts® .250 x 28 Speedserts® M2 x 0.4
Speedserts® 2-56 Speedserts® M3 x 0.5
Speedserts® 4-40 Speedserts® M3.5 x 0.6
Speedserts® 6-32 Speedserts® M4 x 0.7
Speedserts® 8-32 Speedserts® M5 x 0.8
Speedserts® 10-24 Speedserts® M6 x 1

Barb-Sert® CAD Files

Barb-Sert .250-20  
Barb-Sert 2-56 Barb-Sert M2 x 0.4
Bab-Sert 4-40 Barb-Sert M3 x 0.5
Barb-Sert 6-32 Barb-Sert M3.5 x 0.6
Barb-Sert 8-32 Barb-Sert M4 x 0.7
Barb-Sert 10-24 Barb-Sert 5 x 0.8
Barb-Sert 10-32 Barb-Sert M6 x 1.0


Tap-Lok® Slotted Series CAD Files


Slotted .250-20 Slotted .625-11 Slotted M3 x 0.5
Slotted .250-28 Slotted .625-18 Slotted M4 x 0.7
Slotted .312-18 Slotted .750-10 Slotted M5 x 0.8
Slotted .312-24 Slotted .750-16 Slotted M6 x 1
Slotted .375-16 Slotted 2-56 Slotted M8 x 1.25
Slotted .375-24 Slotted 4-40 Slotted M10 x 1.5
Slotted .437-14 Slotted 6-32 Slotted M12 x 1.75
Slotted .437-20 Slotted 8-32 Slotted M14 x 2
Slotted .500-13 Slotted 10-24 Slotted M16 x 2
Slotted .500-20 Slotted 10-32 Slotted M18 x 2
Slotted .562-12 Slotted M2 x 0.4  
Slotted .562-18 Slotted M3.5 x 0.6  

Tap-Lok® Wood Series CAD Files


Wood 4-40 Wood 10-32
Wood 6-32 Wood .250-20
Wood 8-32 Wood .312-18
Wood 10-24 Wood .375-16


Download the complete Groov-Pin Threaded Insert Brochure

Threaded Inserts_Speedserts_Tap Lok_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin