Get to Know Groov-Pin: Glenn Dorval


Get to Know Groov-Pin: Glenn Dorval

Glenn Dorval has been a machinist with Groov-Pin for 20 years. He is currently the multi-spindle lead person at our subsidiary, Precision Turned Components (PTC), in Rhode Island.

Glenn's responsibilities include managing the machines, troubleshooting, and repairs. He also does some engineering work and inventory control.

Working on new jobs can present a challenge, but "they get engineered and then we troubleshoot once everything is in its place to see what we missed," he said. Groov-Pin's work with lean manufacturing has helped improve this process. "With lean, things don't take as long and I'm able to do more," Glenn said.

One of the most important qualities that helps Glenn excel in his role is the ability to take guidance. "You have to be willing to learn and listen to people who are instructing you and then you take everything they've explained and use it to the best of your knowledge," he said.

As Glenn has progressed in his career, his willingness to learn has allowed Groov-Pin leaders to trust him to run with ideas. "They give me the ability to try new things and experiment with new concepts and ideas," he said.

Glenn takes pride in the work that he does at PTC. "I think Telecommunications is one of the most interesting industries we work with because of the details in the parts and how we manufacture them."

The dedication of employees like Glenn leads them to work on producing quality parts that can be difficult to make. Glenn said, "I have an effect on what happens in the country and how things function. We make products that most people use every day and don't even think about it."

Author: Lauren Ciuba

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