Get to Know Groov-Pin: Michael Gaines


Get to Know Groov-Pin: Michael Gaines

Michael Gaines is a Grooved Pin operator at our Newnan, Georgia, facility. "We run wire that comes in coiled and it gets straightened and the machine puts the grooves on a pin, which is to print," he said. Most of our standard Grooved Pins and Threaded Inserts are manufactured in the Georgia facility. 

The machines can be complicated, but Michael and the team work together to handle any challenges. "A lot of things have to be made for the machines. If something breaks, it has to be made from scratch, but we have a great tooling guy and he gets them working pretty quickly," he said.

Michael has worked in the manufacturing industry for a long time and over his 11 years with Groov-Pin, he has worked in different departments. "I've run the chip spinner, helped in the packing and receiving area, and unloaded the trucks at night."

For Michael, working in manufacturing is interesting because of the variety of industries we work with and parts that we make. "I like working with my hands and working with the machines," he said. "You learn a little something every day and you're making something the customer wants and needs."

Michael also likes working in manufacturing because the parts we make will always be needed as long as people need parts that go into machines. "I actually had a salesman come to my door selling a vacuum and I knew we made a part for them, but I didn't know exactly where it went. He showed me the vacuum and it was cool to see what the part does from a mechanical standpoint," he said.

Author: Lauren Ciuba

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