Industries and Markets Served

Industry segments that our Groov-Pins, Threaded Inserts, and Screw Machine Parts support:

Aerospace Fasteners_Aerospace Applications_Threaded Inserts_Grooved Pins_Screw Machine Parts_Groov-Pin

Groov-Pin has been helping Aerospace companies break performance barriers for over 50 years. Our Tap-Lok® Threaded InsertsSpeedserts®, and solid Grooved Pins improve assembly strength in a range of avionics, interior, and service equipment applications. Groov-Pin Tap-Lok® Threaded Inserts provide 2 times the clamping force and, along with our solid Grooved Pins, provide superior vibration resistance.

Irrigation Components_Irrigation Applications_Threaded Inserts_Grooved Pins_Screw Machine Parts_Groov-Pin

Groov-Pin excels in supplying a wide variety of components for solenoids and irrigation assemblies. We manufacture custom components like cores, plunger tubes, shaded poles, magnetic returns, and associated fittings. Our Grooved Pins are used in popular impact sprinkler heads to allow the sprinkler head to rotate. Solid pin construction makes our pins stronger than spring pins.

Medical Applications_Dental Applications_Medical Devices_Grooved Pins_Threaded Inserts_Precision Turned Components_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin

Groov-Pin is a part of the growing technology used in the medical field. Our solid Grooved Pins are making waves in medical science with the creation of the Endo Stitch Autosuture. Grooved Pins are the needles used in this application, which is designed for the placement of interrupted stitches in soft tissues. If you've been to the dentist lately, you will find that Grooved Pins are located in dental tooling devices used to insert fillings.

Military Fasteners_Defense Industry_Grooved Pins_Threaded Inserts_Precision Turned Components_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin

Military Defense
Groov-Pin products are used to assist our armed forces all over the world. When supplies need to be sent to troops, but no landing area is available, supplies will be dropped from planes and helicopters. To ensure safe landing, these supplies are placed on skids outfitted with special vibration isolators made up of thick wire that are held in place by Groov-Pin Tap-Lok® Threaded Inserts. These same Threaded Inserts are also used in the fastening of military radios.  In unpredictable situations, our Threaded Inserts are able to withstand the brunt of harsh environments with superior shear strength and clamping pressure. Groov-Pin proudly supports our troops with U.S.-made Threaded Inserts and Grooved Pins.

Electronics Components_Threaded Inserts_Grooved Pins_Screw Machine Parts_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin

Looking for powerful parts? Groov-Pin's solid Grooved Pins are used to hold together fuse boxes to control power surges. Groov-Pin Speedserts® and Threaded Inserts are used in
 the enclosure of many amplifier boxes since they have no metal chips and are safer for electrical components.

Telecommunications Fasteners_Threaded Inserts_Grooved Pins_Precision Turned Componets_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin

Whether you're watching cable television or connecting another type of auxiliary component to your TV, Groov-Pin coupling nuts create the fastening mechanism to make that connection. Groov-Pin Threaded Inserts are all around, even if you're outside. Telephone poles have aluminum boxes located at the top of them and Groov-Pin Tap-Lok® Threaded Inserts are used to fasten the screws that protect those electrical components.

Die Casting_Threaded Inserts_Tap Lok_Fasteners_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin

Die Casters
Die Casters use Groov-Pin Tap-Lok® Threaded Inserts, which are designed for use in tough-to-tap, high-strength materials, as well as softer metals and plastics. Circular cutting elements self-tap and lock into the base material to resist extreme vibration with no loss in performance.

Firearms Components_Threaded Inserts_Grooved Pins_Screw Machine Parts_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin

For over 40 years, Groov-Pin has been providing components to manufacturers of sporting and service firearms and accessories. Our Grooved Pins are used by a number of U.S. gun manufacturers as firing pins. Our Screw Machine Parts are commonly used in rifles, as well as optic accessory fasteners.

Automotive Fasteners_Automotive Applications_Threaded Inserts_Grooved Pins_Screw Machine Parts_Manufacturing_Groov-Pin

With safety being such an important factor in today's automotive market, we feel it necessary to inform you that Groov-Pin Threaded Inserts are used to encompass the steering wheel boss where the inflation mechanism is concealed. Grooved Pins are a part of the automotive industry as well. We manufacture sensor pins that can be found in your vehicle's link rods located in the suspension and chassis. Grooved Pins are also used in the assembly of BMW air conditioning systems.