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Groov-Pin excels in supplying a wide variety of components for solenoids and irrigation assemblies. We manufacture custom components including cores, plunger tubes, shaded poles, magnetic returns, and associated fittings. Our Grooved Pins are used in the popular impact sprinkler heads to allow the sprinkler head to rotate. Solid pin construction makes our pins stronger than spring pins.


• Stainless steel rotor shafts and pins
• 430FR stainless solenoid components
• Brass nozzles
• Steel control valve components
• Threaded Inserts for manifolds


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What benefits separate Groov-Pin Irrigation products from our competitors?

• Premium Thread Integrity
• Tight Tolerances
• Burr-free Edges
• Fine Finishes
• Single-Spindle and Multi-Spindle Capabilities
• Secondary Machine Operations



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