2018 Groov-Pin Employee Feature Round-Up


2018 Groov-Pin Employee Feature Round-Up


Jean Lemieux, Production Manager

Groov-Pin’s lean transformation has helped improve Jean's workflow. Among these many lean initiatives, the 5S technique, which promotes 'a place for everything and everything in its place' has particularly helped in the cleaning department by eliminating waste and making items easier to find. "Groov-Pin continues to diversify with lean," she said. "Things have changed so much in the 10 years that I've been here and it's always for the better."
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Heather O'Connell, Quality Assurance Tech

"I was filling in at another local manufacturing company when I learned about CCRI's Fast Track to Manufacturing Program," Heather said. She applied and was accepted to the program, which is comprised of two phases: a 10-week, 10-credit introduction to fundamentals of manufacturing and a 6-credit period to gain additional skills and learn advanced manufacturing processes.
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Mark Mathias, Set-Up Operator

Operators like Mark need to have technical skills like understanding how to read measurements correctly and use a grinder and a comparator to check parts. “Manufacturing is a highly-skilled job,” he said. “Paying attention to detail counts a lot.” Mark has been a set-up operator at Groov-Pin in Newnan, Georgia for 35 years. As part of the set-up process, he takes work orders, gets proper materials and reviews the set book, and sets up the machine to the correct work order.
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The Groov-Pin Sales Team

We sat down with our sales team to talk about their career paths and lessons they have learned over the years at Groov-Pin. Get to know our applications specialists, Scott Stanier and Chris Swarm, and sales manager, Mark Ciuba.
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Joanne Couepel, Accounting Manager

“My job has steadily progressed since I started working here 18 years ago,” Joanne said. “Groov-Pin sees a potential talent and they will run with it. They let people spread their wings.” Originally, Joanne worked in accounts payable, but over the years, her responsibilities expanded to include receivables, payroll, and purchasing.
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Mark Ciuba, Sales Manager

Mark, Groov-Pin's sales manager, celebrated his 35th anniversary with the company in June. He began his career at Groov-Pin in 1983 after answering an ad in the newspaper. "I had never been in a manufacturing facility before," he said. "Seeing the machines run and seeing the parts being made, there was something about it that clicked for me."
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Sharyn Holbrook, Customer Account Representative

“Being at the plant, there’s a little bit of everything I’m involved in, so it makes my job exciting,” Sharyn said. Spending time on the floor and working with customers to understand how the parts will ultimately be used allows her to witness the manufacturing process from beginning to end. “In manufacturing, no day is the same and it’s so interesting to see the wide range of applications that our products go into.”
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Brian Sylvestre, Project Engineer

Brian has always been drawn to the manufacturing industry. “I’m the third generation in manufacturing in my family, so it’s always been seen as what we do. I’ve been brought up with it and I was taught by my father, so it’s important for me to carry on his legacy,” he said. In his current position, Brian’s primary role is to oversee new projects and strategic initiatives.
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Ed Fox, Controller

Ed is Groov-Pin’s controller, which means he is responsible for the finance and accounting operations of our business. His responsibilities include financial and management reporting, forecasting and budgeting, cash management, data analysis, and managing relationships with external partners such as bankers and outside accountants.
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Author: Lauren Ciuba

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