Get to Know Groov-Pin: Ed Fox


Get to Know Groov-Pin: Ed Fox

Ed Fox is Groov-Pin’s controller, which means he is responsible for the finance and accounting operations of our business. His responsibilities include financial and management reporting, forecasting and budgeting, cash management, data analysis, and managing relationships with external partners such as bankers and outside accountants.

When he started with the company two and a half years ago, Ed had to learn Groov-Pin’s systems and get to know all of our employees. “In the first year, my role was focused primarily on financial reporting and improving the related processes. During the second year, I started to expand my role and I’m focusing on providing more information to sales and production for decision making,” he said.

Every job comes with its own challenges, but it is difficult for Ed to pin down his biggest challenge because of the many different ‘hats’ he wears in the controllership role. “I prefer to focus on the value I can bring to the company, and working together with operations to improve the information and data we have available for making critical decisions is just that,” he said.

As a controller, Ed has to be a good leader, listener, and communicator in addition to having solid technical skills. “We need to use those skills to take the information and data that we have and present it in ways that others in the company can use in their roles,” he said.

Ed works with his colleagues to help provide the best value to Groov-Pin’s customers. “I like working for Groov-Pin because I can see how my work has a direct impact on advancing the company,” he said. “Working at Groov-Pin has also allowed me to travel to other parts of the country that I had not visited before, including our plant in Newnan, Georgia.”

Working in manufacturing is rewarding for many different reasons for our employees. For Ed, it is about making tangible items from simple forms of metals. What starts out as a metal bar or wire becomes a part that may be found in an airplane, automobile, communication equipment, irrigation equipment, and so many other applications. “I find it rewarding when I see the parts that we make in our customers’ products,” he said. “One of my favorite parts to tell people about is the component used in life vests. I’m proud of the fact that we make parts that go into these types of items.”

Another rewarding aspect of working for Groov-Pin is bring involved in manufacturing in the U.S. “Rather than outsource our manufacturing overseas, we manufacture all of our products in the United States,” he said. “In doing so, we are working closely with production to deliver the highest quality possible at competitive prices. Also, we will take on difficult projects and use our extensive experience to turn out customers’ challenges into opportunities.”

Outside of the office, Ed is involved in many different activities. In addition to being involved in youth soccer, he enjoys mountain biking, off-road motorcycling, and playing rugby.

Author: Lauren Ciuba

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