Happy Engineers Week!


Happy Engineers Week!

February 17-23, 2019, is Engineers Week! The purpose of Engineers Week is to celebrate "how engineers make a difference in our world, increase public dialogue about the need for engineers, and bring engineering to life for kids, educators, and parents."

Groov-Pin understands the importance of increasing interest in engineering and technology careers. Two of our engineers, Jon Dupre and Brian Vaught, share some insight into why they became engineers and advice for students considering careers in engineering. 

Why did you become an engineer?

Jon: I became an engineer because I knew that I wanted to go to college, but I wanted my degree to relate to something that captured my interest. Growing up, I spent many weekends working on trucks, dirtbikes, etc., with friends. I was always fascinated with how they worked, but also enjoyed the hands-on experience. A career in the engineering field seemed to incorporate both aspects.

Brian: From an early age, I was compelled to figure out how things work and so I felt like the engineering field was a natural pull for me.

Do you have any advice for engineering students?

Jon: My best advice for someone pursuing an engineering career would be to develop good study habits and not procrastinate. Use all of the resources available to you (professors, tutors, other students, YouTube, etc.) because you may find that you understand subjects better when they're explained in a different manner. Finally, try and relate what you're learning to real-life examples, as this can help make courses more interesting and make it easier to retain information.

Brian: Don't be afraid to ask questions! The more knowledge you can gain will be essential in the future.

What has been the biggest engineering success in your career?

Jon: One of the projects that stands out the most to me is a Camera Sorting System that we set up for Link Rods. This project included setting up a bowl feeder and adapting a camera measurement system to it.

Brian: Whenever I've had the change to do what I was told couldn't be done, those are the successes that I'll always remember.

What is the most interesting industry that you work with?

Jon: At Groov-Pin, there are two industries that we work with that I find very interesting; the Automotive and Aerospace industries. There are many standards and regulations in these industries, which make them the most challenging to manufacture. The most challenging work is always the most rewarding though, once you figure it out.

Brian: The Aerospace industry is always intriguing and challenging at the same time. Creativity is the key to success, especially with industries that often present challenges.

Author: Lauren Ciuba

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