3 Reasons Manufacturers Should Attend Career Fairs


3 Reasons Manufacturers Should Attend Career Fairs

Last week, Groov-Pin attended the Woonsocket High School Career Fair in Rhode Island. It was organized in partnership with Riverzedge Arts, Community Care Alliance, and Connecting for Children & Families. Through post-event surveys and comments from teachers and students, Woonsocket High School found that the career fair was very helpful for attendees. 

While career fairs often focus on the value for students, there are also benefits for companies who exhibit, especially in the manufacturing industry. Here are three reasons manufacturing companies should participate in career fairs. 

1. Students have limited knowledge of available careers.

There are many widely-known career choices including education, nursing, and law enforcement. Students often do not have knowledge about careers in industries like manufacturing. Exhibitors have the oppotunity to open the doors of possibility for students.

We ask questions like:

  • Do you like working with your hands?
  • Are you mechanically inclined? Do you like working on cars or dirt bikes?
  • Are you interested in computers? Many machines are computer-controlled.

2. Career fairs give students a chance to ask questions.

Career fairs give students an informal venue to ask questions about what it's really like to work in a specific industry. Many students asked about salary, benefits, and safety. Our team was able to talk with students and give them honest answers about what a day-to-day manufacturing career is like.

Career fairs also allow employers to educate students about qualifications and further education they may need if they want to pursue a career in manufacturing. We also had the chance to explain exactly what we do and where some of our parts go. Students were pretty impressed to hear that Boeing, BMW, and Lockheed Martin use our parts!

3. Manufacturers can connect with teachers and other education staff.

Teachers, counselors, and other education staff care about their students' futures and often have a good idea of what types of careers their students would be best suited for. We had a few teachers take our information sheet to pass along to students who they knew might be a fit for a manufacturing career.

Teachers understand that young people can be drawn to "cool" careers and manufacturing, arguably, is not typically seen as a "cool" industry. We are working to change the perception of modern manufacturing careers and educators are a great resource. They can steer students in the right direction. 

Career fairs can also present an opportunity for employers to connect with organizations that offer employee training programs or job placement programs.

Author: Lauren Ciuba

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